Saturday, November 22, 2014


the following is a conversation i had with a couple of psychiatric patients at my work:

Patient 1 (17 year old female): "How do you spell 'douche'?"

Me: "I think it is 'D-U-C-K'."

Patient 1: [writes down 'D-U-C-K'] "Hmmm, 'doosk'? That doesn't sound right."

Me: "I'm pretty sure that's right."

Patient 1: "Can you look it up and check?"

Me: "Sorry, I don't have a way to look it up right now. Just go with 'D-U-C-K' for now. I'm sure it's right."

Patient 1: "OK, I guess." [long pause] "I'm gonna look it up in my book. I think I have it written down."

Me: "Well, OK, but I'm pretty sure it's 'D-U-C-K'."

Patient 1: [searches through her book for a couple minutes] "I can't find it. I think it is spelled 'D-O-U-C-H-E'." 

Me: "Nah, that's some French word: 'doo-shay'. Trust me, it's 'D-U-C-K'. What is this for, anyway?"

Patient 1: "An assignment for my therapist."

Me: "Oh, OK." [thinking: "awesome"]

Patient 1: [long pause] "Hey, wait a minute, 'D-U-C-K' spells 'duck'."

Me: "What? No, 'duck' is spelled 'D-U-C', not 'D-U-C-K'."

Patient 1: "No, you're having a blonde moment. 'D-U-C-K' spells 'duck'.

Me: "Oh, I see."

Patient 1: "I can't believe you thought 'douche' was spelled 'D-U-C-K'. You're such a blonde. But how do you really spell 'douche'?"

Patient 2 (16 year old female): "Wait, how do you spell 'douche'? That's 'D-O-O-S-H'!"

Tuesday, May 07, 2013


So my new band, Silverheels, finally finished our music video:

Monday, April 22, 2013


So, a while ago I mentioned that I was in a new folk western band. We changed the name from The Kingstons (already taken) to Silverheels (an homage to the actor who played Tonto in the original Lone Ranger). Here are a couple of demos (I play the piano, trumpet and harmonica):

Saturday, December 15, 2012


So, I am part of a new music group called "The Kingstons", which is one part Mumford and Sons, one part Johnny Cash, and one part Quintin Tarentino movie sound track. I wouldn't call it country (mostly because country music makes my ears bleed), but maybe folk or cowboy rock. Maybe "Western"? Think "The Lone Ranger" with cajones and grit. Needless to say, my trumpet really stands out (hopefully in a good way). I also play some saloon style piano.

Monday, October 08, 2012


What does it say about a person when on the first day of a new job they get a promotion?

In related news: maybe I won't have to sell all of my stuff in order to eat, after all....

Monday, September 24, 2012

i-MIDI (part 2)

A while back I posted some songs which I had made on my ipad with Garage Band and a midi controller. This is part 2.

Groove 3

Groove 5

Groove 6

Latin 1

Latin 2

Latin 3

Blues Rock 1

 Techno Blues

Slow Jam 3

 Slow Jam 4

  Slow Jam 5

 Slow Jam 6

This last one has some sentimental value to me. It is a piano accompaniment to the song "Dance with my Father" by Luther Van Dross. A student of mine requested that I write this for her graduation, but I was layed off a week before her ceremony...

Saturday, June 23, 2012


In an effort to avoid ostracising my religious friends and family, I am going to start putting my religious/atheist posts on a new blog. Since I am not trying to attack any one's personal beliefs, this will allow those who are interested in my views on this subject to find them all together, and those who aren't interested to avoid them. First, I will add some older posts from this blog concerning religion and my leaving the Mormon church (with the original dates, of course). Then, who knows...